How does it work?

Not all porosity is the same...

Certain materials have a very high internal surface area featuring millions of micropores. At this scale, Van der Waals forces draw air molecules to the surface, causing those molecules to pack more tightly than they would outside the material.

Adsorption and Desorption

This means that the material can “breathe in” and “breathe out” unfeasible amounts of air as pressure rises and falls. And when the molecules are adsorbed, they stop imparting pressure to their neighbours. In effect, they disappear.

Bigger on the inside

When air molecules “disappear” under pressure, then pressure doesn’t build up like it should. Air springs become softer. Loudspeakers behave as if they are larger. And acoustic materials behave as if they were thicker.

Carbon Air has six patent application families in progress, with three more in preparation.

Five national stage applications are granted Worldwide.

In 2019, the company moves from laboratory and prototype development into full scale manufacturing. 

More details and case studies are coming soon.